Lightroom 5 - Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization tool

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Discover the new enhancements to Lightroom’s Advanced Healing Brush including the ability to heal and clone non-circular brush spots as well as remove easy-to-miss sensor dust using the new Visualization tool.
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Lightroom 5 - Correcting Perspective using Upright 00:08:00
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 5 - Advanced Healing Brush and Visualiza... 00:04:25
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 5 - Radial Filter 00:07:35
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 5 - Smart Previews 00:09:51
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 5 - Improved Book Creation Experience 00:08:45
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 5 - Top 10 Hidden Gems 00:09:35
  • Lightroom
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Lightroom 5 - Radial Filter
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