What is Reflow? Interview

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In this video, Evangelist Paul Trani sits down with Jacob Surber, Product Manager of a new tool Adobe is working on called Reflow. Hear how a tool like Reflow can really empower designers to create modern, responsive web content. Web content that works across screens. From desktop to tablet to mobile. You are also encouraged to download Adobe Edge Reflow Preview via the Creative Cloud and give feedback through the Adobe forums and Twitter at @Reflow, @JacobSurber and @PaulTrani.
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Interview with Edge Animate Product Manager Sarah... 00:02:46
  • Edge Animate
Meet the New Dreamweaver Product Manager 00:02:08
  • Dreamweaver
New Features in Edge Animate 1.5 00:05:15
What is Reflow? Interview 00:02:15
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