David Hassoun Shows Custom Skins on a OSMF Video Player

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About This Episode
David Hassoun of RealEyes Media shows how to integrate and customize the OSMF skins created by Juan Sanchez with the OSMF sample player
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Walk Through on Integrating Simple Plug-ins 00:07:07
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Walk Through Working with Layout Containers 00:33:45
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Walk Through of Basic Parallel Element Composition 00:10:13
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Walk Through of Basic Serial Element Composition 00:10:14
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Walk Through on the UI Control Bar and Layout Mana... 00:15:46
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Walk Through on Handling Different Media Types 00:03:36
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Walk Through of the Main Control Elements 00:04:37
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Walkthrough of the Simplest Player 00:04:23
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Getting Started with Strobe Media Playback 00:12:05
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Greg Hamer gives an overview of Flash Media Playba... 00:18:49
David Hassoun Gives an Overview of His Use of OSMF 00:04:13
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David Hassoun Shows a OSMF Video Player 00:03:33
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David Hassoun Shows Custom Skins on a OSMF Video P... 00:03:58
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