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In this episode, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to get better compositing results with Light Wraps - an effect used to blend the background light and foreground elements more convincingly during a composite.
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Better Light Wraps 00:08:50
  • After Effects
Creating a Transporter Effect 00:34:19
  • After Effects
Light Wraps 00:08:14
  • After Effects
Better Compositing with Particles 00:08:15
  • After Effects
Form Face (Part 2) 00:15:24
  • After Effects
Form Face (Part 1) 00:17:16
  • After Effects
Creating and Working with Complex 3D Projects 00:14:45
  • After Effects
Getting Better Control of Emitter Position in Trap... 00:09:03
  • After Effects
Controlling Time with Audio (Part 2) 00:09:23
  • After Effects
Controlling Time with Audio (Part 1) 00:18:35
  • After Effects
Looping a Particle System 00:20:21
  • After Effects
Binary Transition Part 2 00:13:48
  • After Effects
Binary Transition Part 1 00:24:31
  • After Effects
Frame Rates: Convert from 25P to 24P 00:11:44
  • After Effects
Greenscreen Made Easy 00:11:26
  • After Effects
  • Creative Cloud
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