Introducing the Auditude/SiteCatalyst Integration with Cathi Kwon

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About This Episode
In this video, Cathi gives a brief overview of the new integrations between Auditude, Audience Manager and SiteCatalyst and how these integrations make possible more profitable ad decisions today.
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Introducing MediaWeaver with Cathi Kwon 00:04:53
Introducing the Auditude/SiteCatalyst Integration... 00:03:32
  • Audition
  • SiteCatalyst
Adobe Access 4 Compliance and Robustness Rules wit... 00:03:11
Adobe Access 4 with Barry Hartman 00:02:46
Adobe Pass Version 2 with Todd Greenbaum 00:03:29
Project Primetime, the BBC and the London Games 00:03:58
Adobe Media Server 5 With Kevin Towes 00:02:23
Live Clipping Demo 00:02:37
Adobe Primetime Simulcast Demo 00:02:32
Adobe Pass Overview with Todd Greenbaum 00:04:54
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