FrameMaker 11: 3 Faces of DITA; WYSIWYG, AUTHOR and CODE views

  • Products Covered:
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
About This Episode
See a new twist on how 3 different ways to view and edit DITA or XML in FrameMaker 11 can be used. Traditional WYSIWYG (page) view still shows exact line breaks, headers/footers and full formatting, if you are going to publish to print or PDF. New AUTHOR VIEW shows only generically formatted content with no page breaks and symbolic indents; ideal for authors who need to focus on content that may go to multiple formats beyond print. Finally, get a glimpse of how powerful XML CODE VIEW can be with INTELLIPROMPT, suggesting legal elements or attributes while you are typing. These 3 views combined help make FrameMaker 11 a full-fledged DITA/XML authoring solution.

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