FrameMaker and Word: Tables with Automatic Artwork (Cautions)

  • Products Covered:
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
About This Episode
FrameMaker 11 "remembers" which paragraph style is in each column of a table when you create or update the table style. This includes paragraph styles that have artwork form the Reference Page. Using these two features in tandem, you can easily create a two-column "CAUTION" box table that will place CAUTION artwork to the side of your text. Since the CAUTION arwork is invoked from the reference page, you can change it there once and update all instances of the CAUTION used in a new table. This allows (a) swift and easy authoring with consistent results and (b) the ability to globally update all instances of a particular segregated caution statement. With WORD, considerable effort would be required to plant consistent artwork in all instances of such a table.

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