Mocha Import: Advanced Techniques for After Effects

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Mathias Möhl ( has developed an excellent script for AE users: mochaImport. In this video Mathias, teaches how use the script for advanced composite techniques in After Effects.
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Horizon Replacement Using Mocha Shape Plug-in 00:20:10
  • After Effects
Advanced Rotoscoping and AE Technicques 00:27:35
  • After Effects
Mocha Import: Corner Pin Tutorial for After Effect... 00:31:31
  • After Effects
Mocha Import: Advanced Techniques for After Effect... 00:25:45
  • After Effects
Mocha Import: Cyborg Arm with Mocha & After Effect... 00:38:03
  • After Effects
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Horizon Replacement Using Mocha Shape Plug-in
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