Jabong.com Adobe Marketing Cloud customer story

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Jabong has been using Adobe Marketing Cloud to understand their customers better and to predict their buying behavior more accurately. It has helped optimize their digital marketing campaigns.
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Manorama Online Marketing Cloud Story 00:06:16
  • Digital Publishing Suite
  • Marketing Cloud
Jabong.com Adobe Marketing Cloud customer story 00:02:34
MakeMyTrip Adobe Marketing Cloud customer story 00:02:06
Rakuten Adobe Marketing Cloud Customer Story 00:05:00
Slate Group uses Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creativ... 00:03:12
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • SiteCatalyst
Sony Electronics uses Adobe Social 00:03:41
  • SiteCatalyst
  • Social
Big Data is a Big Drag? 00:01:23
  • Marketing Cloud
The State of Online Advertising 00:01:50
  • Marketing Cloud
Marketing is BS 00:01:37
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MakeMyTrip Adobe Marketing Cloud customer story
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