MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Pixel Nuggets

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In this video demo, Jon Brandt shows you a sneak peek of a potential new feature for searching through a large library of images by identifying images that contain the same people, backgrounds, landmarks, etc.
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MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Local Layer Ordering 00:06:16
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Image Deblurring 00:06:46
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - GPU Parallelism 00:06:48
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Video Meshes 00:06:47
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Monocle 00:08:06
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Pixel Nuggets 00:07:01
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - RubbaDub 00:06:54
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Reverse Debugging in Flash B... 00:05:14
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Automatic Synchronization of... 00:05:10
MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Near Field Communications in... 00:04:44
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MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - RubbaDub
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