Adobe Students 'Office Hours': Michael Canty & Antonio Borja, Futuristic Car Designers Collaborating Live

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  • Photoshop
  • Creative Cloud
About This Episode
Adobe Students ‘Office Hours’ presents a LIVE collaboration with Michael Canty and his mentor, Antonio Borja (Creative Director at General Motors). 'Office Hours' connects students who are making it with Creative Cloud to industry leaders that have made it for real-time advice, inspiration and creative collaborations. In this video, we're hosting the first 'Office Hours' of 2014 with a collaborative twist. Michael Canty is a car designer that dreams of making cars for future-forward people using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs. Through the power of collaboration, Michael & Antonio will take us through the creative process of bringing the car-of-tomorrow to life. Check out Michael’s futuristic designs here:

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