Creating Dailies with SpeedGrade CS6

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About This Episode
Sr. Product Manager Patrick Palmer shows how to create dailies with SpeedGrade CS6.
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What is SpeedGrade? 00:01:35
  • SpeedGrade
Tips and Tricks for Using SpeedGrade CS6 00:09:20
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Two Approaches to Structuring Your Grade in SpeedG... 00:07:01
  • SpeedGrade
Loading and Conforming Material in SpeedGrade CS6 00:04:14
  • SpeedGrade
Creating Dailies with SpeedGrade CS6 00:06:37
  • SpeedGrade
Exporting to SpeedGrade 00:04:30
  • Premiere Pro
  • SpeedGrade
What's New in SpeedGrade CS6 00:12:12
  • SpeedGrade
Using Scene Change Detection in SpeedGrade CS6 00:03:05
  • SpeedGrade
Working with .Looks in SpeedGrade CS6 00:08:43
  • SpeedGrade
Secondary Color Correction in SpeedGrade CS6 00:06:41
  • SpeedGrade
Stereoscopic Workflows in SpeedGrade CS6 00:08:02
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Adding Impact to Your Footage with SpeedGrade CS6 00:07:07
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Fxphd Fastforward: SpeedGrade CS6 Fundamentals 00:20:12
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Exporting to SpeedGrade
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