Color grading Premiere Pro sequences in SpeedGrade

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Roundtrip your video sequences from Premiere to Speedgrade for color grading, and back to Premiere. Infinite Skills author Jeff Sengstack shows how Premiere Pro sequences can be exported to SpeedGrade either as DPX still image sequences or edit decision lists (EDLs). After completing color grading in SpeedGrade, those projects can be exported as stand-alone video files back into Premiere Pro for more editing.
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What is SpeedGrade CC? 00:00:40
  • SpeedGrade
SpeedGrade interface overview 00:07:11
  • SpeedGrade
Essential Tasks
Make initial contrast and color adjustments 00:07:03
  • SpeedGrade
Balance your shots by removing color casts 00:06:10
  • SpeedGrade
Copy corrections from one shot to another 00:05:02
  • SpeedGrade
Use the Continuity Checker to match grades 00:05:50
  • SpeedGrade
Apply looks with Look Manager 00:06:48
  • SpeedGrade
Color grading with a mask 00:06:39
  • SpeedGrade
What's new in SpeedGrade CC?
Color-correct Premiere Pro sequences in SpeedGrade... 00:07:33
  • Premiere Pro
  • SpeedGrade
Adobe SpeedGrade CC Overview 00:07:01
  • SpeedGrade
Automatic Shot Matching 00:03:30
  • SpeedGrade
Using Snapshot Browser to compare shots 00:05:13
  • SpeedGrade
Using the Luma Waveform scope to analyze shots 00:04:50
  • SpeedGrade
Color grading Premiere Pro sequences in SpeedGrade 00:06:27
  • Premiere Pro
  • SpeedGrade
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