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About This Episode
Learn how to define the section layout for printed documents.
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Creating and opening WebHelp projects 00:05:51
  • RoboHelp
Importing Word documents 00:02:57
  • RoboHelp
Linking to a Word document 00:06:15
  • RoboHelp
  • Technical Communication Suite
Changing project settings 00:03:36
  • RoboHelp
Auto-creating a TOC 00:02:53
  • RoboHelp
Adding custom search terms 00:04:24
  • RoboHelp
Generating a project 00:03:21
  • RoboHelp
Setting general print properties 00:04:25
  • RoboHelp
Organizing topics and chapter layout 00:03:20
  • RoboHelp
Organizing sections 00:02:04
  • RoboHelp
Using style mapping 00:04:04
  • RoboHelp
Setting printer options 00:02:31
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Using style mapping
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