Speed up or slow down video segments with Time Remapping

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In this movie, Steve Grisetti explains how to use the Time Remapping tool. He shows you how to take a single clip and shift it into fast and slow motion to give your video a cinematic effect.
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Adding and customizing an audio effect 00:06:21
  • Premiere Elements
Speed up or slow down video segments with Time Rem... 00:06:15
  • Premiere Elements
Overview of the Action Bar Toolkit 00:04:33
  • Premiere Elements
Simple Fixes with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 00:04:51
  • Premiere Elements
The new Adobe Premiere Elements 11 user interface 00:03:43
  • Premiere Elements
What is Adobe Premiere Elements? 00:05:22
  • Premiere Elements
Time remapping with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 00:06:05
  • Premiere Elements
Trimming clips with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 00:06:34
  • Premiere Elements
Simply share with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 00:06:26
  • Premiere Elements
Quickly find your best clips 00:08:12
  • Premiere Elements
Instant Movie basics 00:05:13
  • Premiere Elements
New and cool in Adobe Premiere Elements 11 00:06:11
  • Premiere Elements
Adding titles 00:11:55
  • Premiere Elements
Changing project presets 00:05:22
  • Premiere Elements
Arranging clips in a movie 00:06:55
  • Premiere Elements
Applying effects 00:06:52
  • Premiere Elements
Applying transitions 00:05:58
  • Premiere Elements
Creating disc menus 00:07:24
  • Premiere Elements
Audio mixing 00:08:19
  • Premiere Elements
The Tools panel 00:04:51
  • Premiere Elements
Importing photos and videos from a previous versio... 00:03:17
  • Premiere Elements
  • Photoshop Elements
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Overview of the Action Bar Toolkit
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