Making the move from iMovie

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See how much more you can do with your home videos on a Mac when you transition from iMovie to Adobe Premiere Elements.
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Understanding Options When Creating a New Project 00:07:57
An Overview of Making a Movie with Premiere Elemen... 00:07:53
  • Premiere Elements
New Features in Premiere Elements 10 00:07:42
  • Premiere Elements
Create and share web DVDs 00:06:35
  • Premiere Elements
Get professional-quality sound throughout your mov... 00:05:47
  • Premiere Elements
Making the move from iMovie 00:02:22
  • Premiere Elements
Get HD quality on standard DVDs 00:02:11
  • Premiere Elements
Quickly share on Facebook and YouTube 00:06:37
  • Premiere Elements
Quickly trim all but your best footage 00:04:31
  • Premiere Elements
Using the Auto-Analyzer to find the clips you need... 00:03:48
  • Premiere Elements
Get perfect color throughout your movie 00:06:34
  • Premiere Elements
Video Highlights: Turn Photos into Entertaining Mo... 00:01:00
  • Premiere Elements
Video Highlights: Easily Correct or Enhance Color 00:01:03
  • Premiere Elements
Video Highlights: Experience the Ultimate Media Ma... 00:01:24
  • Premiere Elements
Adding music to your movie 00:00:40
  • Premiere Elements
Creating transition effects 00:00:72
  • Premiere Elements
Creating an instant movie 00:00:84
  • Premiere Elements
Meeting the welcome screen 00:00:45
  • Premiere Elements
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Get HD quality on standard DVDs
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