Getting started (GS) 01: What is Photoshop Elements?

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About This Episode
Get an overview of what you can do in Photoshop Elements 7. Tour the Organizer and Editor workspaces and check out some of the tools. Use with either Photoshop Elements version 7 or 8.
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Getting started (GS) 01: What is Photoshop Element... 00:07:08
  • Photoshop Elements
GS-02: Get photos from files and folders 00:05:51
GS-03: Get photos from a digital camera 00:07:36
GS-04: Tour the Organizer interface 00:05:40
GS-05: Viewing photos 00:02:28
GS-06: Selecting photos 00:02:01
GS-07: Rotating photos 00:02:16
GS-08: Hiding and deleting photos 00:05:00
GS-09: Moving files 00:04:10
GS-10: Guided edit mode 00:04:43
GS-11: Tour the Full Edit interface 00:04:56
GS-12: Using tools 00:08:14
GS-13: Saving files 00:06:47
GS-14: Manual selection tools 00:06:30
GS-15: Automatic selection tools 00:06:35
GS-16: Using the new Smart Brush tool 00:05:59
GS-17: Converting color to black and white 00:02:49
GS-18: Creating text 00:04:16
GS-19: Editing text 00:02:08
GS-20: Making a photo book 00:10:10
  • Photoshop Elements
GS-21: Making a photo collage 00:08:20
GS-22: Creating a slide show 00:10:20
GS-23: Making a panorama 00:04:00
GS-24: Using e-mail and Photo Mail 00:04:51
GS-25: Printing your photos 00:03:05
GS-26: Signing up for 00:03:43
GS-27: Viewing and sharing photos online 00:06:09
GS-28: Backing up and synchronzing albums online 00:06:37
  • Photoshop Elements
GS-29: Finding ongoing inspiration on 00:03:26
New Features: Recompose Tool 00:06:46
  • Photoshop Elements
New Features: Sharing 00:06:54
  • Photoshop Elements
New Features: Backup and Sychronization 00:05:38
  • Photoshop Elements
New Features: Photomerge Family of Features 00:04:33
  • Photoshop Elements
Use the Recompose Tool to Reframe a Photo 00:07:15
  • Photoshop Elements
Analyze And Tag Photos Automatically 00:08:13
Use Photomerge Exposure in Manual mode 00:06:20
  • Photoshop Elements
Use Photomerge Exposure in Automatic mode 00:06:20
  • Photoshop Elements
Share Albums Online 00:03:10
  • Photoshop Elements
Set up an Adobe ID 00:04:39
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Membership Benefits 00:08:16
  • Photoshop Elements
Curving photos for a print look 00:04:33
Tips every newbie should know 00:05:56
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GS-02: Get photos from files and folders
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