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By following the step-by-step instructions in Guided Edit mode, you can create eye-catching special effects. Learn how to create a mirror reflection in Guided Edit.
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Creating Cards with Recorded Light-Painting Images 00:09:22
  • Photoshop Elements
Adding text 00:08:11
  • Photoshop Elements
Using Guided Edit mode 00:08:35
  • Photoshop Elements
Content-aware healing 00:04:35
  • Photoshop Elements
Using Photomerge Style Match  00:06:26
  • Photoshop Elements
Using the Recompose tool 00:07:03
  • Photoshop Elements
Using the Straighten and Crop Tools 00:05:09
  • Photoshop Elements
Using the toolbox in Photoshop Elements 00:07:14
  • Photoshop Elements
Using the Edit workspace 00:05:35
  • Photoshop Elements
Creating a Photo Collage for Father’s Day or any S... 00:15:48
  • Premiere Elements
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Content-aware healing
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