Creating a hyperlink in Muse

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In this movie, you'll learn how to create and edit hyperlinks that send users to external web sites, other pages within a site, email addresses, and phone numbers.
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Capture and create brushes 00:08:54
  • Muse
What is Adobe Muse
What is Adobe Muse? 00:01:10
  • Muse
Essential Tasks
Creating a hyperlink in Muse 00:04:36
  • Muse
Web Safe vs. Non-Web Safe Fonts in Muse 00:03:28
  • Muse
Working with Typekit Fonts 00:04:23
  • Muse
Working with images in Muse 00:03:36
  • Muse
Importing a Photoshop Button 00:04:44
  • Muse
Creating a Lightbox slideshow in Muse 00:04:22
  • Muse
Creating a thumbnail slideshow in Muse 00:04:19
  • Muse
HTML embedding in Muse: Maps 00:03:53
  • Muse
Publish your site with Adobe Web Hosting 00:02:33
  • Muse
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Web Safe vs. Non-Web Safe Fonts in Muse
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