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About This Episode
The main menu bar in Flash Professional is full of options and commands that can help you work effectively. This lesson takes a look at the main menu, focusing on commonly used functionality.
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Getting Started
What is Flash Professional CS6? 00:01:26
  • Flash Professional
The Flash Interface 00:00:41
  • Flash Professional
The Welcome Screen 00:00:51
  • Flash Professional
The Main Menu Bar 00:00:94
  • Premiere Pro
  • Flash Professional
The Toolbar 00:00:92
  • Flash Professional
The Stage and the Work Area 00:00:43
  • Flash Professional
Generating sprite sheets from the library 00:13:47
  • Flash Professional
Generating sprite sheets from the Stage 00:03:53
  • Flash Professional
Creating a prepackaged AIR app 00:04:59
  • Flash Professional
Using AIR native extensions 00:02:44
  • Flash Professional
Simulating mobile content with the new Content Sim... 00:11:28
  • Flash Professional
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The Toolbar
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