Working with the Timeline

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Understanding how to use the timeline is the first step to creating animation and interactive content. Taken from Train Simple's Flash Tutorial.
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What is Flash Professional CC? 00:01:24
  • Flash Professional
What's New in Flash Professional CC
Creative Cloud Sync Settings 00:02:08
  • Flash Professional
Timeline animation improvements in Flash Professio... 00:04:33
  • Flash Professional
Exporting animation for mobile apps 00:05:26
  • Flash Professional
Publishing Flash Pro assets and applications for H... 00:05:01
  • Flash Professional
Profiling with advanced telemetry in Scout 00:06:54
  • Flash Professional
Essential Tasks
Working with the Timeline 00:05:00
  • Flash Professional
Working with Guides and Rulers in Flash Profession... 00:03:34
  • Flash Professional
Working with the Library 00:07:29
  • Flash Professional
Importing Assets
Importing from Photoshop and Illustrator into Flas... 00:06:39
  • Flash Professional
Importing and adding audio 00:05:48
  • Flash Professional
Importing Audio and Video into Flash Professional 00:07:21
  • Flash Professional
Embedding Fonts 00:04:13
  • Flash Professional
Creating and Editing Animation
Creating Animated Masks 00:02:10
  • Flash Professional
Editing Motion Tweens 00:04:11
  • Flash Professional
Exporting and Publishing
Understanding the HTML5 canvas 00:03:21
  • Flash Professional
Creating HTML5 Content with CreateJS 00:05:04
  • Flash Professional
Exporting Sprite Sheets 00:05:29
  • Flash Professional
Publishing AIR applications to iOS devices in Flas... 00:03:15
  • Flash Professional
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Working with Guides and Rulers in Flash Professional
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