Creating iBooks (ePUBs) for the iPad using InDesign CS5


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In this episode, Terry White shows you how to use InDesign CS5 to create an ePUB document that works on the Apple iPad. The iBooks App on the iPad uses the ePUB standard and InDesign outputs that format natively.
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Creating an eBook with InDesign (Part 2) 00:19:07
  • InDesign
Creating an eBook with InDesign (Part 1) 00:16:49
  • InDesign
Creating Covers and Title Pages for EPUB in InDesi... 00:05:50
  • InDesign
New Export Options for EPUB in InDesign CS5.5 00:05:56
  • InDesign
Adding Audio and Video Content to EPUB from InDesi... 00:02:46
  • InDesign
Using Object Export Options to Customize How Objec... 00:05:18
  • InDesign
Controlling Order of Content Export from InDesign... 00:04:54
  • InDesign
Styles Mapped to Tags in InDesign CS5.5 for Improv... 00:05:13
  • InDesign
Mapping styles to export tags 00:06:48
  • InDesign
Creating iBooks (ePUBs) for the iPad using InDesig... 00:13:02
  • InDesign
Exporting InDesign to ePub and Placing cover artwo... 00:04:08
  • InDesign
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Creating an eBook with InDesign (Part 2)
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