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The true power of Reflow is not only designing and creating layouts using CSS, but the ability to have those layouts respond to different screen sizes. From desktop to tablet to mobile. Evangelist Paul Trani takes you through how to take an initial layout, add breakpoints and modify that layout to your liking for all the various screen sizes you'd like to target. Download Adobe Edge Reflow Preview from the Creative Cloud today and give us your feedback through the Adobe Forums or on Twitter: @Reflow @PaulTrani
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What is Edge Reflow CC? 00:00:46
  • Edge Reflow
What is Edge Inspect CC? 00:00:40
  • Edge Inspect
What is Edge Code CC? 00:00:48
Using Edge Reflow
Introduction to Reflow 00:08:59
  • Edge Reflow
Creating a layout in Reflow 00:05:49
  • Edge Reflow
Styling content in Reflow 00:08:21
  • Edge Reflow
Using typography in Reflow 00:05:35
  • Edge Reflow
Making your layout responsive in Reflow 00:05:49
  • Edge Reflow
Using CSS Regions in Edge Reflow 00:06:25
  • Edge Reflow
Import Photoshop CC Assets into Edge Reflow 00:02:03
  • Edge Reflow
Reflow Photoshop Plugin Tutorial 00:13:54
  • Edge Reflow
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Styling content in Reflow
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Edge Reflow
Edge Reflow
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