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Learn how to create, render and publish a slideshow with music by sequencing your images to tell the perfect story.
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Lightroom 4 - Importing and Organizing Your Images 00:18:11
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Select, Rate and Prioritize Your Ima... 00:23:08
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Create Stunning Images 00:22:15
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Adding Special Effects 00:13:02
  • Lightroom
Mapping your Photos in Lightroom 4 00:10:31
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Moving Between Lightroom 4 and Photo... 00:14:22
  • Lightroom
Book Module Basics in Lightroom 4 00:14:37
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Publish a Slideshow 00:15:56
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Print the Perfect Image 00:21:37
  • Lightroom
Lightroom 4 - Share Images Online 00:13:44
  • Lightroom
Working with DSLR Video in Lightroom 4 00:11:02
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Lightroom 4 - Print the Perfect Image
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