FrameMaker and WORD: Table Title and Pagination Options

  • Products Covered:
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
About This Episode
FrameMaker is generally known for having "the best tables on the planet." Due to the many things you can do with tables, there are some pagination and formatting features that many users do not discover. This brief video reveals that: (a) Table Titles can go above or below the table, (b) that you can specify that a table start "anywhere" (e.g. below current line) or (c) the table "floats", allowing a backfill of text pagination if the table moves to the next column. The video also touches on how you control breaks with tables, or make a table "unbreakable" in pagination via table row formats. Although these are advanced features, they are very simple and logical to use. Watch the video and find out how "you can do it too!"

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