FrameMaker and Word: Single source publishing with conditional text and user variables

  • Products Covered:
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
About This Episode
Although Word has a loose equivalent to user variables, this features is far easier and more straight-forward in FrameMaker 11. Unlike Word, no macros or arcane program strings are required. User variables are ideal for product names, company locations, designated staff members ... anything that is likely to change in your document. Simple actions allow you to globally update not only the content of variables, but their appearance as well. You can combine this feature with conditional text control, which allows you to swiftly "show" or "hide" different sections of text, tables or entire graphics that are associated with a certain version of your documentation. This allows a single set of source files to produce multiple versions of your documentation for various customers or internal content consumers. These features can be invoked with simple keyboard shortcuts while authoring, and you can import their values and setting from one document into an entire book!

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