Creating "Pages" with Flex States

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About This Episode
In this episode of the training series, will learn how to create states and how to build them using Flash Builder Design mode and Source mode. You will also learn how to control the display of the states through event handlers.
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Representing Data in Default Item Renderers 00:11:58
  • Flash Builder
Creating a Custom Item Renderer 00:09:39
  • Flash Builder
Implementing a Spark Item Renderer in List-Based C... 00:03:18
  • Flash Builder
Creating and Formatting the DataGrid Control 00:17:29
  • Flash Builder
Creating Item Renderers and Item Editors 00:23:11
  • Flash Builder
Understanding Navigator Containers 00:08:42
  • Flash Builder
Creating "Pages" with Flex States 00:14:26
  • Flash Builder
Laying Out an Application 00:10:11
  • Flash Builder
Using Constraints to Control Component Layout 00:09:14
  • Flash Builder
Animating Components with Effects 00:14:04
  • Flash Builder
Animating States with Transitions 00:23:53
  • Flash Catalyst
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Laying Out an Application
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