Build Multi-Page Wireframes (episode 3)

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About This Episode
Doug takes a single page wireframe and expands it to cover multiple pages using the Duplicate State feature. He examines best practices for preparing your multi-page wireframe for animated transitions.
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Welcome to Flash Catalyst (episode 1) 00:02:40
  • Flash Catalyst
Create A Simple Wireframe (episode 2) 00:07:44
  • Flash Catalyst
Build Multi-Page Wireframes (episode 3) 00:07:14
  • Flash Catalyst
Wireframe Drawing Tools (episode 4) 00:14:32
  • Flash Catalyst
Design Components from Wireframe Artwork (episode... 00:12:33
  • Flash Catalyst
Wireframes come to Life with Transitions (episode... 00:09:54
  • Flash Catalyst
Make Iterative Changes to your Wireframe (episode... 00:07:25
  • Flash Catalyst
Build a Visual Design for your Wireframe (episode... 00:16:10
  • Flash Catalyst
  • Illustrator
Optimize and Publish Your Project (episode 9) 00:06:31
  • Flash Catalyst
Partnering with a Developer (episode 10) 00:07:45
  • Flash Catalyst
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Wireframe Drawing Tools (episode 4)
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