The Art of Storytelling

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Christian Saylor from Universal Mind explored the UX methodology in a unique, engaging, and inspiring format to a community of developers who sought to understand the sometimes confusing world of the Experience Designer.
Episode Title Runtime CC Products Covered My Library
KEYNOTE: Ryan Stewart from Adobe 00:41:59
  • Flex SDK
  • Flash Builder
It’s A Matter of Trust 00:42:48
The Art of Storytelling 00:49:12
Flash Builder 4 Service Wizards 00:41:15
  • Flex SDK
  • Flash Builder
Building UX with Adobe, Expression and Whatever El... 00:39:39
  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
Creating Custom Components in Flash and Flex 00:34:07
  • Flash Professional
  • Flex SDK
  • Flash Builder
Custom Metadata with Swiz 00:37:48
  • Flex SDK
  • Flash Builder
Game Development with Flash 00:52:37
  • Flex SDK
  • Flash Builder
HTML5 and Flash: Technology Choices for The Next E... 00:50:28
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash Professional
  • Media Server
  • Flash Builder
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Flash Builder 4 Service Wizards
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