Creating Interactive Prototypes

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About This Episode
Learn how to add interactivity to wireframes in Fireworks CS4 by creating a navigation bar and using slices and hotspots.
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Using the New CSS3 Mobile Pack 00:14:07
  • Fireworks
The Complete Design Process 00:11:51
  • Creative Suite Design Premium
  • Creative Suite Web Premium
  • Fireworks
Rapid Prototyping 00:09:42
  • Fireworks
Creating Interactive Prototypes 00:10:43
  • Fireworks
Information and Interaction Design 00:11:14
  • Fireworks
Cooper 00:02:58
  • Fireworks
Fireworks CS4 public beta announced! 00:15:32
  • Fireworks
Exploring The Developer Center 00:15:52
  • Fireworks
Rapid Prototyping with Fireworks CS3 00:10:37
  • Fireworks
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Information and Interaction Design
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