Adobe's Mike Jackson Talks With California Tech Agency Exec on Healthcare IT Challenges

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About This Episode
Adobe's Mike Jackson Interviews California Technology Agency Deputy Director Greg Franklin about Healthcare IT Challenges
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AEM Forms at UT DHS: Engagement meets Efficiency. 00:03:50
Adobe & Grants Ontario 00:03:48
Defense Connect Online (short) 00:01:55
  • Connect
Defense Connect Online 00:04:15
BCBS of Michigan transforms customer experiences w... 00:03:03
Rewriting the Rules of Engagement for Health Payer... 00:03:27
Go Mobile with LiveCycle ES4 00:04:56
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Meaningful Use Meets Affordable Care: Innovative P... 00:04:16
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Veterans Affairs Canada: Modernizing Benefits Admi... 00:02:45
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The Impact of Cloud Computing in the Public Sector 00:07:18
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  • PhoneGap
2012 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit 00:06:55
  • LiveCycle
Transforming US Healthcare with Bipartisan Support 00:03:15
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2012 AGA/C: Adobe Government Assembly - Canada 00:06:24
  • LiveCycle
AGA 2012: Digital Tools for Streamlining Workflows... 00:02:54
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HIMSS 2012: Adobe Solutions in Practice - Part 2 00:07:30
HIMSS 2012: Adobe Solutions in Practice - Part 1 00:09:53
Leveraging Technology at Accountable Care Organiza... 00:02:53
Mike Jackson At Government Mobility Forum 00:01:20
Mike Jackson at Tribalnet 12 00:03:33
Health IT at Maryland Legislative Black Caucus Mee... 00:03:43
The Intersection of Security and Information Shari... 00:00:15
Health2.0 2011 00:00:42
DoD and Social Media 00:00:35
IT Efficiency for Government Healthcare 00:00:13
Digital Enterprise Platforms, Government & Legacy... 00:00:62
Alec Chalmers at FedScoop 00:00:04
Mike Jackson Interviews Jim Randell 00:02:16
Oklaoma's Jim Randell at ISM 2011 Conference 00:24:33
Adobe's Barry Leffew on Cloud2 Report 00:00:12
Adobe's Mike Jackson Talks With California Tech Ag... 00:01:58
Adobe's Mike Jackson Talks with Missouri CIO on He... 00:02:09
Rob Pinkerton on Mobile Government 00:00:20
Mike Jackson at the 2011 State Healthcare IT Conne... 00:01:45
Adobe's Rob Pinkerton on the White House Website D... 00:02:53
Rob Pinkerton Discusses Digital Enterprise Platfor... 00:00:33
Part 3 of Alec Chalmers Interview 00:00:31
Part 2 of Alec Chalmers Interview 00:00:30
Part 1 of an interview with Adobe VP of Natl Gov S... 00:00:41
Adobe Director on User Experience and Government,... 00:00:41
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Adobe Director on User Experience and Government,... 00:00:42
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Adobe's Mike Jackson Talks with Missouri CIO on Healthcare IT Challenges
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