Creating Stunning Pattern Designs

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Tony Harmer, Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, will demonstrate how you can quickly create stunning pattern designs using Illustrator CS6. He’ll show the new gradients on strokes features and image trace as well as produce seamless patterns using the amazing new pattern-generation capabilities that Illustrator CS6 has built-in.
Episode Title Runtime CC Products Covered My Library
Adobecadabra 00:27:52
Adobe Touch Apps 00:26:51
Creating Stunning Pattern Designs 00:18:36
InDesign CS6’s Content Collector Tool 00:16:57
InDesign CS6’s Digital Publishing tools 00:17:17
Content Aware Tools in Photoshop CS6 00:13:44
All-New SpeedGrade CS6 00:11:53
Ray-Traced 3D in After Effects 00:14:57
Adobe Audition CS6 for Audio sweetening 00:11:45
New Features in Adobe Premiere CS6 00:14:09
Creating for Multiple Devices 00:15:14
Adobe Proto and Dreamweaver CS6 00:14:49
Dreamweaver CS6 for Responsive Design 00:12:46
New Features in Flash Professional CS6 00:14:05
Fireworks CS6 for mock-ups and interactive content 00:10:11
3D with Photoshop CS6 Extended 00:15:29
Compositing and Retouching Techniques using Photos... 00:17:41
Photoshop Lightroom 4's Book Module 00:14:38
Creating client Previews in Lightroom 4 00:18:48
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InDesign CS6’s Content Collector Tool
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