Creating client Previews in Lightroom 4

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Debbie Jones, a Commercial Photographer, will demonstrate how you can turn a set of RAW images into effective client-ready web galleries in a matter of minutes. Debbie will also show how to refine image selections using the library of tools and developing techniques.
Episode Title Runtime CC Products Covered My Library
Adobecadabra 00:27:52
Adobe Touch Apps 00:26:51
Creating Stunning Pattern Designs 00:18:36
InDesign CS6’s Content Collector Tool 00:16:57
InDesign CS6’s Digital Publishing tools 00:17:17
Content Aware Tools in Photoshop CS6 00:13:44
All-New SpeedGrade CS6 00:11:53
Ray-Traced 3D in After Effects 00:14:57
Adobe Audition CS6 for Audio sweetening 00:11:45
New Features in Adobe Premiere CS6 00:14:09
Creating for Multiple Devices 00:15:14
Adobe Proto and Dreamweaver CS6 00:14:49
Dreamweaver CS6 for Responsive Design 00:12:46
New Features in Flash Professional CS6 00:14:05
Fireworks CS6 for mock-ups and interactive content 00:10:11
3D with Photoshop CS6 Extended 00:15:29
Compositing and Retouching Techniques using Photos... 00:17:41
Photoshop Lightroom 4's Book Module 00:14:38
Creating client Previews in Lightroom 4 00:18:48
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