Creative Week Daily Debate - Can Print and Tablet Publishing Co-Exist?

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This Creative Week Daily Debate discusses if digital photography is all tech and no talent. Knowledge of aperture, exposure and light settings is often considered an art form to be cherished, over auto-settings and quick fixes with all the work done in post-production. But in an age when everything is becoming digitalised, should traditional photographers be ready to embrace image manipulation?
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Creative Week Daily Debate - Can Print and Tablet... 00:54:27
Creative Week Daily Debate - Can Print and Tablet... 00:36:19
Creative Week Daily Debate - Do smaller budgets ma... 00:51:06
Creative Week Daily Debate - Should developers be... 00:40:18
Is Digital Photography all Tech and no Talent? 00:40:18
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Creative Week Daily Debate - Can Print and Tablet Publishing Co-Exist?
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