Part 2 - Interaction Design & Navigation

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Now that you understand the five principals of Interaction Design, it’s time to learn how to apply those concepts to craft effective navigational systems for digital interfaces. At the end, follow along a quick tutorial in Adobe Flash Catalyst to see some ways dropdown navigation bar elements can be presented.
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Part 1 - Five Essential Principles of Interaction... 00:28:45
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Part 2 - Interaction Design & Navigation 00:29:06
  • Flash Catalyst
Part 3 - Interaction Design & Text 00:27:15
  • Flash Catalyst
Part 4 - Interaction Design & Images and Media 00:28:34
  • Flash Catalyst
Part 5 - Interaction Design & Forms and Dialogs 00:25:36
  • Flash Catalyst
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Part 3 - Interaction Design & Text
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