Part 03 - Setting up a Local Site

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In this step of the tutorial, you can find out how to use the files panel in Dreamweaver to organize and set up your site on the local hard drive in your computer – while it is still being worked on before it can be published to a web server later.
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Part 01 - Introduction 00:05:32
  • Dreamweaver
Part 02 - Creating Your First Webpage 00:12:26
  • Dreamweaver
Part 03 - Setting up a Local Site 00:04:17
  • Dreamweaver
Part 04 - Creating and Importing Images 00:06:53
  • Dreamweaver
Part 05 - Linking to Websites 00:05:33
  • Dreamweaver
Part 06 - Changing Visual Properties of HTML Conte... 00:09:18
  • Dreamweaver
Part 07 - Understanding and Using Cascading Style... 00:18:16
  • Dreamweaver
Part 08 - Website Navigation 00:09:13
  • Dreamweaver
Part 09 - Using Pre-Built Templates 00:15:55
  • Dreamweaver
Part 10 - Creating Multiple Pages 00:24:27
  • Dreamweaver
Part 11 - Adding SWF Content 00:17:59
  • Dreamweaver
Part 12 - Adding Media 00:10:17
  • Dreamweaver
Part 13 - Adding Advanced Interactivity with Spry 00:12:36
  • Dreamweaver
Part 14 - Testing and Troubleshooting the Site 00:10:53
  • Dreamweaver
Part 15 - Uploading the Site 00:08:44
  • Dreamweaver
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Part 04 - Creating and Importing Images
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