Part 1 - Animation and Compositing Basics

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About This Episode
The best way to learn something is by doing it! In this series you'll learn the basics of compositing and animating in Adobe After Effects CS5 by creating a dynamic motion title sequence. This first episode covers animation terminology, the After Effects workspace, commonly used tools and basic motion.
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Part 1 - Animation and Compositing Basics 00:27:36
  • After Effects
Part 2 - Animation Technique and Keyframe Interpol... 00:26:54
  • After Effects
Part 3 - Masking and Duplicating Layers 00:23:44
  • After Effects
Part 4 - Parenting 00:09:36
  • After Effects
Part 5 - Pre-Comps and Master Compositions 00:23:50
  • After Effects
Part 6 – Photoshop to After Effects Workflow 00:30:39
  • After Effects
Part 7 - Final Touches and Rendering 00:31:43
  • After Effects
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Part 2 - Animation Technique and Keyframe Interpolation
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