Analyzing the Ajax Application Performance by Gaurav Seth

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This session analyzes the various browser components that contribute to Ajax performance, the methodology to measure the performance of end-user scenarios & finally the changes we have made across the IE sub-systems to improve performance in IE8.
Episode Title Runtime CC Products Covered My Library
MooTools: An Overview by Aaron Newton 01:18:48
Browser Coding w/Prototype by Andrew Dupont 00:58:23
YUI for Control Freaks by Christian Heilmann 00:53:44
Ajax Testing Tool Review by Ted Husted 01:29:55
Applied JSON: HTTP REST, Ajax Databases & Beyond b... 01:01:28
Ajax 2.0 by Anne van Kesteren 01:02:32
Dojo Fundamentals by Alex Russell 01:30:26
New Features in DWR Version 3 by Joe Walker 01:02:35
Interactive Websites: Implementing Comet by Joe Wa... 00:58:29
Even Faster Web Sites by Steve Souders 01:26:03
Side Search Engine by Gears with Brad Neuberg 00:53:16
Practical Functional JavaScript by Oliver Steele 01:23:17
Adv Animation & Physics in JavaScript by Paul Baka... 00:44:05
How to Design Great Forms by Joshua Fraser 01:02:21
The Road to Cappuccino by Francisco Tolmasky 01:00:36
Enterprise RIA Tools: JSF, Flex and JavaFX by Max... 00:56:22
Building Your First Adobe AIR Application by Kevin... 00:14:53
Making Friends with the Browser by Brian Dillard 3... 00:03:02
Making Friends with the Browser by Brian Dillard 01:18:47
Transforming J2EE Apps into Web 2.0 with GWT 01:15:13
Contributing docs (prototype) by Christophe Porten... 00:58:56
Advanced Web App Security by Joe Walker 01:25:19
Experience Design & Repid Prototyping by Max Zabra... 01:01:40
Making Life Easier 00:46:07
Intro to Ajax by Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer 01:28:00
Visual Programming with JavaScript by John Resig 01:17:00
UX Design for Ajax Applications by Glen Lipka 01:14:02
Faster than Light JavaScript by Brendan Eich 00:37:54
Analyzing the Ajax Application Performance by Gaur... 00:53:06
The 7 Habits for Exceptional Performance 00:58:46
Paul Koch 01:26:28
Deploying & Scaling Ajax Comet Applications by Gre... 01:32:09
Intro to jQuery by John Resig 01:00:24
based Client/Server App Dev by Kris Zyp 00:55:13
Google Chrome and Web Applications by Ojan Vafai 00:42:17
The Ajax Universe by Ben Galbrait & Dion Almaer 00:40:24
Advanced CSS and Theming of Ext by Jack Slocum 00:55:59
Intro to Dojo Developer Day 00:53:50
Advanced JavaScript: Closures, Prototypes, Demysti... 01:03:09
Advanced Animation and Physics in JavaScript 00:58:56
Retrofitting Struts with Ajax Taglibs by Ted Huste... 00:53:09
Practical Design for Ajax Development by David Ver... 01:12:56
Advanced jQuery by John Resig 01:00:20
Driven Development with YUI Test by Nicholas Zakas 00:58:21
jQuery on Rails (The Real Ones) by Jonathan Sharp 00:40:57
JavaScript Library Overview by John Resig 01:29:38
Ajax Experience Boston 2008 Lightening Rounds 00:56:16
Enhancing the user experience with jQuery by Karl... 01:03:04
Dojo 1.2 Loader & Build System by James Burke 00:31:49
Top 10 Cross Browser Issues 01:29:28
Secrets of DojoX by Tom Trenka 00:26:31
State of jQuery by John Resig 00:22:18
gfx Deliciousness with Dojo by Matthew A. Russell 00:33:10
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