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About This Episode
Visual Effects Artist and Author Mark Christiansen talks about how his After Effects work at ILM opened a challenging career that is kinda fun.
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How After Effects was used on Iron Man 3 & Oblivio... 00:04:32
  • After Effects
How After Effects was used on Iron Man 3 00:02:46
  • After Effects
How After Effects was used on Oblivion 00:02:03
  • After Effects
After Effects: 20 years of innovation 00:09:50
  • After Effects
The History (and Future) of Rotoscoping in After E... 00:01:20
  • After Effects
AE & Paul Graff 05:57:00
  • After Effects
AE & Dylan Chudzynski 00:01:22
  • After Effects
AE & Patrick Murphy 00:03:42
  • After Effects
Ae & Mark Christiansen 00:02:51
Ae & Chris Edwards 00:03:15
  • After Effects
Ae & Andrew Kramer 00:04:18
  • After Effects
Happy Anniversary After Effects 00:01:47
  • After Effects
Ae & Jon Carr 00:02:50
  • After Effects
Ae & Ash Beck 00:04:02
  • After Effects
Ae & Stu Maschwitz 00:07:08
  • After Effects
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