Sony VAIO Flip with Photoshop CC - “Drone Dancer”

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Who said drones are evil and soul-less? Kush tames a few quadcopters to dance in sync with a hip-hop dancer to create a dynamic light rail and dance pose photo composite using a Sony Alpha 7R DSLR camera and Adobe Photoshop CC running on a Sony Vaio Flip 15 convertible laptop/tablet device.
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Photoshop CC - “Drone Dancer” Tutorial 00:05:24
  • Photoshop
Photoshop Elements - “Kendama Trick” tutorial 00:07:54
  • Photoshop Elements
Sony VAIO Tap 11 with Photoshop Elements - “Kendam... 00:01:38
  • Photoshop Elements
Sony VAIO Flip with Photoshop CC - “Drone Dancer” 00:01:33
  • Photoshop
Sony VAIO Duo with Photoshop CC - "Color Dancer" 00:01:29
  • Photoshop
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Photoshop CC - “Drone Dancer” Tutorial
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