How to create a syllabus

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The Adobe Education Exchange has thousands of resources for you to utilize in your teaching. With the syllabus builder, you have the power to curate those resources and organize them into a custom pathway of teaching content. You can share your syllabus with the community to showcase how you curated AEE content to create a custom learning experience for your students. In this video, you'll learn how to create a syllabus.
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How to use the Adobe Education Exchange
Welcome to the new Adobe Education Exchange 00:01:52
How to join and sign in to the Adobe Education Exc... 00:01:26
How to search and browse for resources 00:02:23
How to share a resource 00:03:04
How to search and browse for other members 00:01:26
How to follow other members 00:01:48
How to search for discussion topics 00:01:37
How to start a discussion topic 00:01:32
How to collaborate on content 00:01:24
Professional Development on the Adobe Education Ex... 00:02:58
How to edit your profile 00:01:13
How to create a syllabus 00:08:40
About the Adobe Education Exchange
Adobe Education Exchange: Adobe's next-generation... 00:33:10
Adobe Education Exchange - Jeanne Biddle 00:00:27
Adobe Education Exchange - TJ Fletcher 00:00:26
Adobe Education Exchange - Oregon Episcopal School 00:01:44
Adobe Education Exchange - Educator Reactions 00:00:59
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