Advertising Week Interview: IAB's Peter Minnium & David Doty

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About This Episode’s roving chief marketer, Steven Cook, caught up with IAB's Peter Minnium, Head of Digital Brand Initiatives, and David Doty, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at the recent Advertising Week Experience in New York City. Here’s what transpired.
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Social Advertising Matures 00:03:41
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The Mobile Opportunity 00:03:50
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Digital Advertising Effectiveness 00:02:27
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Advertising Week Interview: MMA’s Michael Becker 00:12:19
Advertising Week Interview: Interbrand’s Jez Framp... 00:05:29
Advertising Week Interview: IAB's Patrick Dolan &... 00:07:05
Advertising Week Interview: IAB's Peter Minnium &... 00:11:36
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Social Advertising Matures
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