Web Standards: WebSocket API

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Developer Evangelist Kevin Hoyt discusses the WebSocket API, which provides a persistent connection between browser and server enabling data push and other compelling real-time messaging uses.
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Web Standards: Introduction and Overview 00:11:00
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: WebSocket API 00:11:30
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: File API 00:13:57
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: Device Orientation 00:11:43
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: Canvas 2D Context 00:14:58
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: CSS Transforms 00:10:42
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: CSS Transitions 00:12:28
  • Dreamweaver
Web Standards: CSS Animations 00:11:39
  • Dreamweaver
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Web Standards: File API
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