8. Preparing audio

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About This Episode
Atomic Learning’s ePortfolio workshop explains how to prepare audio in Adobe Soundbooth and export it to your ePortfolio in Adobe Acrobat X Pro.
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1. What is an ePortfolio? 00:01:04
2. What goes into an ePortfolio? 00:02:29
3. Preparing a PDF for an ePortfolio 00:01:36
4. Converting and using PDF documents 00:03:39
5. Reviewing teacher comments in a PDF document 00:01:40
6. Using rich media 00:01:47
7. Preparing photos 00:03:32
  • Photoshop Elements
8. Preparing audio 00:03:26
  • Soundbooth
9. Preparing video 00:02:32
  • Premiere Elements
10. Organizing and adding files to the ePortfolio 00:02:20
11. Adding information about your files 00:02:03
12. Making your ePortfolio personal 00:01:04
13. Choosing a layout 00:01:34
14. Making a common design throughout your ePortfo... 00:01:56
15. Deciding on a color palette 00:01:30
16. Finishing your ePortfolio 00:02:21
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9. Preparing video
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  • Soundbooth
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