OCR and Scanning in Acrobat X

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In this episode of the Acrobat User Community's on-demand seminars, you'll hear about using OCR (optical character recognition) to discover text in previously static PDF files in Acrobat X. You'll also hear about scanning paper documents to PDF and how to manipulate the settings to optimize your results. Featuring Ian Campbell, Ali Hanyaloglu, David Mankin, Dave Merchant, and Rebecca Staley.
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Working with Form Data in Acrobat X 00:28:40
Adding Rich Media to your PDF files in Acrobat X 00:14:44
PDF goes Mobile: Announcing Reader on iOS with Bob... 00:07:18
Shared Reviews and Commenting in Acrobat X 00:23:38
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OCR and Scanning in Acrobat X 00:26:12
Ensuring your PDF is Accessible in Acrobat X 00:36:55
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