Acrobat: Tagging PDF Content as a Table

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About This Episode
If your PDF contains data tables, learn how to efficiently and accurately mark them up for Accessibility using the tagging, structure and reading order tools in Acrobat 9.
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Preparing Accessible PDFs with Adobe InDesign CS5.... 00:27:58
  • InDesign
Preparing Accessible PDFs with Adobe InDesign CS5.... 00:18:43
  • InDesign
Opening and Reading PDF Documents with Accessibili... 00:06:42
Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility 00:38:41
  • InDesign
  • Creative Suite Design Premium
Accessible artwork in Photoshop 00:06:50
  • Photoshop
Navigating an Accessible PDF Document (Part 1) 00:03:57
Navigating an Accessible PDF Document (Part 2) 00:05:34
Ensuring Your PDF is Accessible 00:04:38
Creating an Accessible PDF File 00:06:32
Flex and Accessibility by Giorgio Natili 01:02:13
Acrobat: Using the Touch Up Reading Order tool 00:00:37
Acrobat: Finding Tags from Selections 00:01:06
Acrobat: Changing Tag Type with Tag Panel 00:01:10
Acrobat: Viewing or Modifying Tag Roles 00:01:35
Acrobat: Setting Security for Accessibility 00:01:41
Acrobat: Setting Up PDF Maker in Word 00:01:41
Acrobat: Using the Headers Attribute 00:01:53
Acrobat: Labeling Radio Buttons for Accessibility 00:01:56
Acrobat: Adding Headings to your PDF 00:02:07
Acrobat: Removing Content from the Tags Tree 00:02:17
Acrobat: Adding Table Headers With Table Editor 00:02:19
Acrobat: Adding Text Alternatives to Images 00:02:31
Acrobat: Setting Tab Order for Form Controls 00:02:26
Acrobat: Running Form Field Recognition 00:02:27
Acrobat: Setting Document Language 00:02:29
Acrobat: Changing the Specified Reading Order 00:02:55
Acrobat: Magnifying Text vs. Scanned Documents 00:03:32
Acrobat: Determining if a Document is Tagged 00:02:42
Acrobat: Examining Tags With the TURO Tool 00:03:32
Acrobat: Creating an Accessibility Report 00:03:33
Acrobat: Using Optical Character Recognition 00:04:17
Acrobat: Adding Form Controls 00:04:34
Acrobat: Adding Text Alternatives to Images 00:07:11
Acrobat: Tagging PDF Content as a Table 00:07:22
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