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How to close multiple pods in RoboHelp
How to close multiple pods in RoboHelp
RoboHelp workspaces may contain panels with half a dozens pods. Rather than tediously closing one pod at a time, you can use this simple technique to close several pods at once. This brief video shows you an easy way to simplify your screen display, which can be saved as a custom workspace.
  • RoboHelp
  • Technical Communication Suite
  • Views: 34
  • Added: Jan 13, 2015
  • Runtime: 00:02:27
Avid Switcher: Workspaces
Avid Switcher: Workspaces
Learn how to build two Avid look-alike layouts from scratch for a single-monitor and a dual-monitor setup.
  • Premiere Pro
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 360
  • Added: Jan 08, 2015
  • Runtime: 00:06:14
NEW Adobe Premiere Elements workspace
NEW Adobe Premiere Elements workspace
Use Premiere Elements' workspaces to your advantage by exploring the interface options and learning about accessing tools and performing edits. Get familiar with various workspaces including eLive, Quick, and Expert.
  • Premiere Elements
  • Views: 6,078
  • Added: Nov 05, 2014
  • Runtime: 00:04:43
  • Tags: Interface, Premiere Elements 13, Steve Grisetti, Workspace,
NEW What is Photoshop Elements
NEW What is Photoshop Elements
Explore the features and capabilities of Photoshop Elements, and understand its many workspaces: eLive, Media, People, Places, and Events. View an explanation of how the Organizer and the Photo Editor differ. Get a brief overview of each workspace in the Organizer, and shows how to navigate between workspaces.
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Views: 13,202
  • Added: Nov 04, 2014
  • Runtime: 00:05:36
  • Tags: Jan Kabili, Organizer, workspaces, Overview, Photo Editor, Photoshop Elements 13,
Customize your workspace
Customize your workspace
See how you can customize your workspace including how to adjust the color theme of the user interface from bright to dark, re-organize and move Panels, re-arrange your windows for side-by-side designing and more.
  • Muse
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 14,383
  • Added: May 08, 2014
  • Runtime: 00:02:57
  • Tags: customize, Beaumont, Dani, Muse CC, workspace
FrameMaker FMXA: Quick Element Toolbar for multi-level lists
FrameMaker FMXA: Quick Element Toolbar for multi-level lists
Watch a brief example of how novice XML authors can swiftly insert multi-level lists using only simple icons from the QET (Quick Element Toolbar) and simple brackets to indicate locations of XML element boundaries. One more example of authoring natively in XML with FrameMaker. Although this video uses FrameMaker XML Author 12, the same technique will work in the XML workspace of "full" FrameMaker 12.
  • FrameMaker
  • Technical Communication Suite
  • Views: 61
  • Added: May 06, 2014
  • Runtime: 00:03:24
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