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Create Now - HTML5 and the Web
Create Now - HTML5 and the Web
Show: Create Now
We show you what is possible with HTML5 and the web, with demos of the latest features in Adobe® Muse™ and more. We also sit down for a chat with UX designer Michael Cassius, web guru John Allsopp, and Adobe's own Jared Wyles to talk through what is happening in web development today, and the exciting things to come.
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  • Added: Mar 27, 2013
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Social Studies: Connecting Content and Community in the Cloud
Social Studies: Connecting Content and Community in the Cloud
Come see how a few simple UX design patterns can facilitate a shared, social learning experience that blurs the boundaries between inspiration and instruction, as well as between content and community. Three trends are currently sweeping digital media: Tablets are moving from content consumption to creation, social features are increasingly pervasive, and everything is shifting to the cloud. Join us to explore how this trifecta creates exciting opportunities for designers and developers, and to examine our own promising effort at taking advantage of these trends.
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