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Ray Gallon: Untangling the Hairball of Content
Ray Gallon: Untangling the Hairball of Content
"There is a big tangle of content that we have to unravel and work with." In his STC/Adobe booth interview, European though leader, Ray Gallon, eloquently states the challenge that faces us with multiple content stakeholders (creators and consumers.) Watch this video for a vivid "word picture" on how to visualize both the challenge and the solution.
  • Technical Communication Suite
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  • Added: Jul 27, 2013
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Building the Best Team for Responsive Design
Building the Best Team for Responsive Design
Learn the most critical factors to consider when setting up a design team that can successfully deliver on the demands of responsive web design. From individual roles to the overarching flow, we'll show you how to streamline your process.This session will help you: • Understand the vital role each member of the team plays in creating responsive sites• Recognize how a "content first approach" is for more than just mobile• Be able to educate project stakeholders regarding their role in a successful responsive project
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  • Added: May 06, 2013
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