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Quicker Access to Color
Quicker Access to Color
Quickly switch between solid, gradient, and pattern color effects. Apply opacity control separately to Fill and Stroke dialog boxes to achieve better control and precision. Change colors more quickly with the improved color swatch.
  • Fireworks
  • Creative Suite Master Collection
  • Creative Suite Design & Web Premium
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 2,442
  • Added: Apr 21, 2012
  • Runtime: 00:01:21
  • Tags: fireworks
Quickly Clean your Scene of Unwanted Elements
Quickly Clean your Scene of Unwanted Elements
Video Highlights: See how to make unwanted elements vanish with one stroke of the enhanced Spot Healing Brush, which beautifully blends even the most complex background. Also, instantly fix old or torn photos so you can make new prints.
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Views: 39,458
  • Added: Aug 11, 2011
  • Runtime: 00:00:50
  • Tags: Elements 9, PSE 9, Photoshop Elements 9, photo fixes, photos, spot healing, spot healing brush
3: Ghostly Ultra Strokes
3: Ghostly Ultra Strokes
What to do about Adobe Ultra strokes that don't change in time. More sites you can use to better elaborate your questions. Somebody wants freebies. Plus a surprise call from the legal team.
  • Creative Suite Design Premium
  • Creative Suite Production Premium
  • Creative Suite Web Premium
  • Product Version: CC
  • Views: 11,460
  • Added: May 11, 2008
  • Runtime: 00:04:43
  • Tags: animated, kush, kush, legal, strokes, technology, video, IBC, ask the adobe ones, notice
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